Drum Lessons at Gray Area Studio

Virtual online and in person Drum Lessons are offered at Gray Area Studio. Learn concert snare and full drum set. Gray Area Studio located in Berryville VA, offers in person lesson for students from areas in Winchester VA, Boyce VA, Charles Town WV, and all the surrounding areas. My first exposure to music and drums was at a very young age when my grandfather bought my first Sears drum set. Later around the age of ten I started taking music class in elementary school which I continued into middle school. During that time I learned to read music and play concert snare drum. Later in my early 20s I started serious studies in advanced concert snare and jazz kit from a highly regarded ex-military drum instructor. Overall I have over 40 years of experience in live performance, studio recording, rudimentary snare drumming, and of course teaching others to play the drums.

I use a two method approach:
Students will learn to read music, and play pop & rock beats on a drum set. For the reading studies I use concert snare drum techniques taught with the use of a drum method book often used in schools. Students will be learning to read snare drum music and the fundamentals of rudiments and proper sticking methods. I use a basic method of math and fractions to help students understand how to count musical time and read printed music. At the same time I start students on the basics of learning to play a full drum set. This is achieved by introducing and learning simple beat patterns, these simple patterns are based on the staple of rock and pop drumming from some of the worlds best know drummers. Students will start with a simple back beat based pattern and eventually start working up to progressing into playing more challenging beats and patterns and playing along to actual songs.

Music lessons are so vital, especially for young students starting around the age of 10. Lessons can benefit beginners and students in so many positive ways. As well as the added benefit of getting extra help and a jump on band class, or teenagers can learn to play songs in a local band, and advanced players can add a new dimension to their playing by learning to read and understand drum music and performance theory and concepts.

Lesson schedule and Tuition:
Lessons are 30 minutes once per week on the same day each week.
Tuition is $120 per month = $30 per lesson.
(*Months with 5 lesson days = $150)
Tuition is collected on the first lesson day of the month, for the full month of lessons.

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